Learn more about the Bali starling – with amazing Bali starling videos, photos and facts on Arkive. Bali Myna 25 cm; g (captive). Fairly large, white starling with forehead feathers bristly, feathers on crown and nape hackled and greatly. Bali Myna Leucopsar rothschildi. Check out the full taxonomy and distribution of Bali Myna on HBW Alive. HBW Alive contains information on Descriptive notes.

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Trade even in captive-bred specimens is strictly regulated and the species is not generally available legally to private individuals.

Featured on the Indonesian rupiah coin, its local name is jalak Bali. Login or Subscribe to get access to a lot of extra features! Inthe Indonesian Government introduced a new law which states that all protected animals were required to be registered, as they are the property of the state. It is thought that incubation of the eggs is carried out mostly by the female, for a period of between 12 and 15 days. Bush-shrikes to Old World Sparrows.

Anyone found in possession of an unregistered Bali starling now faces a substantial fine, or even imprisonment 3. Ungulate A general term for a mammal with hooves. Total recording duration If you are able to help please contact: This project has helped to improve the protection of the park, and has increased the wild Bali starling population through the release of captive-bred birds 1 9contributing significantly to the future viability of this species Two free Birds near pre-release center.


The number of captive birds bought on the black market is estimated to be twice the number of legally acquired individuals in the captive breeding programs.

Each clutch typically contains two or three pale blue eggs 2 4although generally only one chick survives to fledging 4. Bali Myna Leucopsar rothschildi.

Leucopsar rothschildi

The Bali starling can typically be found in dry, open lowland forests 4usually with a grassy understorey 2 3. Captive birds, they had 4 pairs under armed guard, and several non-captives nearby, but given the astronomical prices these things fetch I can’t see them remaining too long.

There have also been reports of the Bali starling perching on the backs of ungulatesand foraging for insects in association with the mammals 2. The Bali starling is thought to have always had a relatively small range and may never have occurred in large numbers, but its population has declined dramatically since its discovery 2mostly as a result of the illegal collection of birds for the captive bird trade 1 2 3 9.

Despite the entire Bali lekcopsar population being within a national park, illegal trapping of this species continues 1 9a threat which is further compounded by habitat destruction 2 4interspecific competition, natural predation and disease 1 9.

Breeding Breeds during rainy season, Jan—Apr.

Wildscreen With – Tom Hooker: This information is awaiting authentication by a species expert, and will be updated as soon as possible.


Duringa total of 23 Bali starlings were donated to BF’s breeding program. Masked titi Callicebus personatus.

Leucopsar rothschildi – Wikispecies

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bali mynahs also have a lacy crest of feathers, which is lifted during courtship.

This page was last edited on 17 Julyat Friends of the National parks Foundation. Image credit Link to this image Add to scrapbook How you can use this image.

Bali Myna (Leucopsar rothschildi) – BirdLife species factsheet

Many features of this site will not work without javascript. The birds nest in tree cavities, with the female laying and incubating two or three eggs. However, experienced aviculturalists may become affiliated with captive-breeding rothscihldi, allowing them to legally keep this species.

Bali starling range The Bali starling is endemic to the island of Bali, Indonesia 1 3.

Share this image — Hide sharing options. Help us share the wonders of the natural world. The National Aviary participates in the Bali mynah Species Survival Plan, in the hopes that the population rothschjldi stable and the Bali mynah may be returned to the wild permanently and successfully.