Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy by Lawrence Lessig. Lawrence Lessig, the reigning authority on intellectual property in the Remix is an urgent, eloquent plea to end a war that harms our children and other. Ben said: I’d recommend Remix to anyone who creates content, whether as part of their Lawrence Lessig, the reigning authority on intellectual property in the.

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He was also a brilliant writer. Stephanie Lenz just thought it cute. We read a book. Text is just a small part of the RW culture that the Internet is. That knowledge gave me great lsesig. In a culture in which it is common, its citizens develop a kind of knowledge that empowers as much as it informs or entertains.

We understand quoting is an essential part of that writing. Every yacht had a gramophone, a phonograph, an Aeolian, or something of the kind. According to the ALA web site: It is instead a point that may have been obvious to him, then, but that has largely been for- gotten by us, now.

One preserves its integrity. I want to put a spotlight on the stuff no one wants to kill—the most interesting, the very best of what these new technologies make possible. It also offers an inspiring vision of the post-war world where enormous opportunities await lawtence who view art as a resource to be shared openly rather than a commodity to be hoarded.

  IEC 60059 PDF

As the mix increases, the diversity of culture that can flourish in the digital age grows. On an episode of The Colbert Report with Lessig as a guest, Stephen Colbert made fun of the book’s status under Creative Commons by taking a copy, signing it, and then proclaiming it the ‘Colbert’ edition for sale.

I thoroughly enjoyed this; although, much of the technical economics discourse was beyond me. In fact, crossover is not uncommon, particularly in the world of the Creative Commons which Lessig helped found. For information on how we process your data, read our Privacy Policy. Our expectations of access have shifted significantly, whilst industry and political leaders have stayed behind.

Every high school in America needs to have a course in media literacy.

Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy

Instead, in both cases, poor work is an argument for better educa- tion. He was not embarrassed by the harshness of the criticism. Victory is the only result one may contemplate, at least out loud.

He was a bit long winded in his explanations as well. Some, such as Sousa, resolved to do something about it. One minute, and zero substance, broadcast to millions across the country.

They act on it. The exhibit was scheduled to open in Newcastle in a matter of weeks.

Lawrence Lessig: Decriminalizing the Remix

The distilled argument begins chapter ninethe chapter that will appear on syllabi and circulate online especially as it’s a list, which bodes well for bookmark-sharing site Digg, and a list that ends with decriminalizing filesharing, femix topic dear to Digg users and Lessig defines amateur creativity as different from professional creativity. Mar 30, Joe rated it really liked it.


I wrote a sheepish follow-up, apologiz- ing, and saying that of course, I had endless respect for Posner, blah, blah, and blah. And that was it. For the conditions that made its best part possible are now returning.

These entailments make obvious sense during llawrence such as World War II, when there really was a lessjg for survival; my spark of Lakoffian recognition, however, was to see just how danger- ous these entailments are when the war metaphor gets applied in contexts in which, in fact, survival is not at stake.

Lawrence Lessig: Re-examining the remix | TED Talk

The hybrid economy will become ever more prominent in every creative realm—from news to music—and Lessig shows how we can and should use it to benefit those who make and consume culture. It re,ix silenced because the economics of speaking in this different way made this speaking impossible, at least for most.

Usenet grew quickly, and passion around it grew quickly as well.