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Now your head is dropping down on to your chest, haicu itself close between your fists—closer—still closer! Elisabeeth do you expect to experience the consequence before the cause. Ptahhotep says our complementary half is always behind the manifested form as a mirrored image in the unmanifested state. Throughout ages and ages of time, our fate brings us together again and again until we make each other conscious within ourselves and experience each other completely in body as well as in soul.

Do you see all these rocks and stones and boulders? They are centres of force of streams of energy which take effect invisibly. Pleasant, elisabetn people offer me tempting delicacies in beautiful dishes and heavenly drinks in magnificent golden vessels. This hellish, fiendish sensation turns my whole being cold and stiff.

The divine self created you and goes on eternally creating you whenever it clothes itself in a material envelope, in a body. It gets pitch dark around me, and the mountains cave in with a deafening thunderous roar. Now the cause of that expression, the being itself, without a human face, without a body, is here! And perhaps the woman, who goes on answering his nonsense, too? A contour appears, creating a boundary around this empty, dark hole that radiates this invisible force.


My self is not matter! My body curls up in horrible cramps. And with the inner strength of the spirit, just as I learned to speak with it in my telepathic exercises, without body, without mouth, speaking in spirit, I soundlessly scream at the monster: Your body and its senses are still sleeping.

I certainly do know love! How could she possibly hope to find happiness through mere trifling play of the body? These people should be saved and awakened from their semi-conscious condition! Elisabeth Haich claimed to have attained “ego-death”. It was described by her followers mentioned in the introductions to her book as visible in her gaze: But elisabetu the hearts of these people I see no love! Alive and conscious, yet locked up and immovable, grown into this tomb, with no possibility of giving so much as a sign of initierez … to be a heavy, dead stone!

I want fresh air. Then Ptahhotep motions to me to get into the sarcophagus and lie down in it. How can people fall so low that they debase the supremely divine act of love and make it an end in itself? Little by little my eyes grow accustomed to the subdued light.


His breath is hot, and I find it very revolting for him to be breathing into my face and down my neck. Only the divine unity of the self can bring blissful happiness! And how senseless it is to ask a person such a question!

How could she possibly hope to find happiness episabeth a physical embrace without spiritual content?

The Initiation 1st part – by Elisabeth Haich

You belong to me and I belong to you. Through these two baleful eyes, the monster now radiates all his fearful powers upon me and into me. He steps over towards us. How could he be my complementary half?

The Initiation 1st part – by Elisabeth Haich – The Light Creator

Can you see that all these stones are petrified but conscious beings like yourself, exposed to burning sunshine, raging imitierea and splitting frost? Her book The Wisdom of the Tarot is based on the Oswald Wirth deck’s images but some colors are different, for some detailsand it is about the archetypes of human development, each Tarot card identifying one initirea and its meaning.

A piece of stone—rigid, hard and dead! You and I are one.

Elisabeth Haich

You have no independent existence. This is hell indeed. Absolute panic seizes my heart.