The Second Helvetic Confession (Latin: Confessio Helvetica posterior) was written by Bullinger in and revised in as a private exercise. It came to the. The Second Helvetic Confession was written in by Heinrich Bullinger ( ), whose life we considered in our previous article. A discussion on the Second Helvetic Confession of Faith. A source of information for deeper understanding of religious subjects.

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The mass — whatever it may have been in ancient times — has been turned from a salutary institution into a vain show, and surrounded with various abuses, which justify its abolition. Therefore we reject not only the idols of the Gentiles, but also the images of Christians.

The Second Helvetic Confession, A. D.

By death we understand not only bodily death, which all of us must once suffer on account of sins, but also eternal punishment due to our sins and corruption. True repentance is turning to God and all good, and turning away from the devil and all evil. For the issue of things lies in the hand of God. For the Apostles and their disciples could not teach one thing by writing, and another by word of mouth. He was a learned, pious, wise, and faithful man, and the central figure in the second period of the Reformation in German Switzerland.

As the laborer is worthy of reward, the minister is entitled to the maintenance of himself and family from the congregation he serves 1 Cor.

The same [faith] keeps us in the service we owe to God and our neighbor, strengthens our patience in adversity, fashions and makes a true confession, and in a word brings forth good fruit of all kinds, and good works.

They object that since our separation from Rome all sorts of controversies and divisions have arisen. And in all of life he is unashamed of who he is and whose he is. There are also two Testaments, the Old and the New.

Therefore, they excercise the keys when they persuade [men] to believe and repent. Who would not be made sorrowful by the loss of such and so great a man, and so excellent a friend? Forgiveness of sins is easy. This page was last edited on 20 Februaryat For as the apostles did not contradict themselves in doctrine, so the apostolic men did not set forth things contrary to the apostles. As to the choice of meats, we hold that in fasts we should abstain from all such food or drink as stimulates the carnal desires.


Moreover, the Church Militant upon the earth has always had many particular churches. Now, therefore, it is fitting that we also say something about the power and duty of the ministers of the Church.

Helvetic Confessions

We congession the blasphemous doctrine of Arius and Servetus in opposition to the Son of God. Neither do we think that this absolution becomes more effectual by being murmured in the ear of someone or by being murmured singly over someone’s head.

Prayers are not superstitiously to be confined to particular places or hours.

And indeed we detest the dogma of the Nestorians who make two of one Christ helvetci dissolve the unity of the Person. Synodical Officers This email address is being protected from spambots.

If opposed to the Church, he can do much harm: Christian faith is not an opinion or human conviction, but a most firm trust and a clear and steadfast assent of the mind, and then a most certain apprehension of the truth of Belvetic presented in the Scriptures and in the Apostles’ Creed, and thus also of God himself, the greatest good, and especially confesssion God’s hlvetic and of Christ who is the fulfilment of all promises. Therefore, although we teach that God rewards our good deeds, yet at the same time we teach, with Augustine, that God does not crown in us our merits but his gifts.

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Helvetic Confession

More like this Confession. Lastly, he thereby distinguishes us from all other people and religions, and consecrates and binds us wholly to himself, and signifies what he requires of us. For the patriarchs were the prophets or teachers of their age whom God for this reason wanted to live for several centuries, in order that they might be, as it were, fathers and lights of the world. Therefore, although not on account of any merit of ours, God has elected us, not directly, but in Christ, and on account of Christ, in order that those who are now engrafted into Christ by faith might also be confesslon.


Those ancient saints seemed to have sufficiently honored their dead when they decently committed their remains to the earth after the spirit had ascended on high.

Again, God assigned to each the measure of faith Rom. For he speaks of an empty, dead faith of which some boasted but who did not have Christ living in them by faith James 2: And although Christ assumed man’s nature, yet he did so not in order to afford a model for sculptors and painters.

As Augustine also, in his De Civitate Dei, book 18, ch. But we esteem fellowship with the true Church of Christ so highly that we deny that those can live before God who do not stand in fellowship with the true Church of God, but separate themselves from it. Righteousness is imputed to faith because it receives Christ as our righteousness and ascribes all to the grace of God, but not because it is our work: Concerning the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven which the Lord gave to the apostles, many babble many astonishing things, and out of them forge swords, spears, scepters and crowns, and complete power over the greatest kingdoms, indeed, over souls and bodies.

These same works ought not to be done in order that we may earn eternal life by them, for, as the apostle says, eternal life is the gift of God. For it is the gift of God. Thereby it is clear that the ancients were not entirely destitute of the whole Gospel. Good works must be done, not to merit thereby eternal life, which is a free gift of God Rom.

Therefore, as God gave unto his ancient people the patriarchs, together with Moses and the prophets, so also to his people of the New Testament he sent his only-begotten Son, and, with him, the apostles and teachers of the Church.