H Ultra-Harmonizer®. INSTRUCTION MANUAL. Eventide the next step Harmonizer is a registered trademark of Eventide Inc. for its audio pitch shifta. H Ultra-Harmonizer (R) SERVICE MANUAL Eventide the next step TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION H SPECIFICATIONS OPTIMUM. This is not mine. i tip my hat to the guy/guys who put in the effort to do this. Thank you sir and sirs service manual User manual.

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Consult a data book for more specific operational details. The processed data is available at various times on the global data bus. These 74LS latches are clocked by the pulse from U evehtide is derived from the selection bit pin 5 of U MIDI is a serial data communications protocol which is clearly defined and adhered to by manufacturers.

Thus, reading from or writing to the delay memory requires two qlobal bus accesses, the first to specify the address and the second to actually read or write the Gaia.

This difference signal may look a bit strange on an oscilloscope. In addition to raw computing power the H is a flexible, software based design, the signal processors are RAM based, so that their programs are downloaded by the host microprocessor.

The delay memory is accessed through two separate ports on b3000 global bus. Here the first burst of 1 6 clocks convert one channel to parallel then the second burst converts the other. These three enable the outputs of the mailboxes. U has two enable pins which are both enabled.

H3000 Service Manual

Data is not written to or read from the Global Data bus during this operation. Press function then adjust contrast with the knob. U83, Q1 through Q6 are general purpose registers which the software defines and uses.


Phase is reinverted by the following circuitry. If any component of the system fails meaning any digital chip the entire system could crash or at the very least the audio could be turned to noise and distortion. Check output level settings.

Spaces are provided for C93 and C53 to tune or quell harmonics, but these are generally not used. It is a “peak detected”, preemphasized, version of this “mix” signal which is monitored by the bargraph on the front panel. The block contains many divider circuits as well j3000 a PAL Programmable Array Logic which creates all necessary timing.

C95 and R92 alleviate charge ejection and other transient effects that cause circuit noise and distortion. Controls the Bypass Relay.

The top and bottom should clip at the same time, that is, symmetrically. The 68A50 was designed for the 68A09 microprocessor that is the Brain. Remove the solder bridge at X8 or cut the small trace, then put a solder bridge in place at X7. These are used as digital attenuators and digital mixers.

H3000 Series User Manual

Analog Input and Output The audio input is provided by a two channel, bit analog to digital converter sampling at a rate of The input clock is Once converted it is sent to the Global Bus. This includes loadinq executable code into each of the PELs, calculating and setting all signal processing? CLK1S is the input sample rate which is in reality In the HB the operating system can be cleared without loosing the user presets.

This forms the specified 5 mA current loop. Each bit is stored on a capacitor which will discharge if not periodically refreshed. The residual will show a positive spike for positive clipping and a negative spike for negative clipping. Is input bargraph lighting? U and U are used to stretch the pulses to more exact widths. This loads data to the frequency synthesizers. The wheel itself is only a mechanical wheel that has a disc mounted to the back which interrupts the light inside of the dual photo-interrupter.


H manual | Eventide

This is the only channel distortion adjustment required. Search the history of over billion web pages eventise the Internet. Try a high output mic directly into the H and headphones plugged into the output to eliminate most variables.

This number is then sent to the 2 to 1 multiplexors U and U This reset is applied to the brain, which begins fetching instructions from memory. The address is put on the Global Data bus as a 16 bit word.

This is done in programs where both output sample rates are the same e.

Full text of “Eventide H Service Manual”

On rare occasions, after step B, the upper line of the H display will flash, and then the display will black out. Caps C2 and C7 suppress RF noise pickup. U is not as simple. Like the TMS, the global bus has 8 read ports and 8 write ports each mapped to the various peripheral devices on the bus. When the program running is a basic delay or a non- shifted Harmonizer and the audio output is not any facsimile of the input the audio has most likely “crashed”.

These PELs create the audio effects that we hear from the unit. This 74LS eventire a tri-state line driver.