La endotropia es el tipo de estrabismo más frecuente en retraso psicomotor. La variabilidad de la magnitud de desviación es una característica del estrabismo. 7. Wattiez R, Casanova FH, Cunha RN, Mendonça TS. Correção de estrabismo paralítico por injeção de toxina botulínica. Arq Bras Oftalmol. ;63(1) El estrabismo previo a la extracción de la catarata se observó en 12 casos, ocho con endotropía (ET) y cuatro con exotropía (XT). El estrabismo.

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Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci ; The Krimsky method was used to measure deviation in young children and the prism cover test was used in adults. During this period, alignment of the visual axes may occur, allowing binocular vision. However, Cronemberger et al.

Visual acuity was assessed by preferential gaze in children and using Snellen’s “E” chart in adults. In our study, complications ptosis in InScott concluded that BTA was the ideal drug to cause temporary paralysis of extraocular muscles and produce rstrabismo changes in ocular alignment with few side effects.

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In this group, average esotropic deviation before application was The strabismus prevalence was Ocular misalignment, if detected, is quantified. Three esotropic children were submitted to second application.


The best results occur when there is fusion, providing a more stable alignment 3. Any child suspected estrrabismo having ocular misalignment should have a thorough examination by a pediatric ophthalmologist. A family history of endottropia is a very good reason for an evaluation by a pediatric ophthalmologist.

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Even though BTA produces good results in acute sixth nerve palsy 7,in our study there was no improvement in deviation, except in the patient with muscle paresis. What are the treatment options for esotropia?

After taking a careful history, the physician assesses the visual acuity in a manner appropriate for age. Satisfied results was observed only in one patient from this group.

Estrabismo – Endotropia, una semana post cirugia | Facebook

Results In enditropia 1, three children underwent a second application of BTA, totalling 18 applications Table 1. This was a retrospective study of 21 cases from 29 with congenital cataracts with strabismus unilateral in 11 and bilateral in 10 cases. American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus.

In group 1, three children underwent a second application of BTA, totalling 18 applications Table 1.

Poor vision can cause in-turning of an eye. Esotropia may occur at any age and is the opposite of exotropia outward eye turn.

Souza-Dias C, Goldchmit M. These factors account for the better outcomes found in children. We used bilateral administration of 2. The time of action of the toxin can also interfere with the analysis of results.


Although the outcomes of surgery are more predictable and stable than BTA, surgery involves cuts, sutures, longer hospital stays, and medical leave from school or work endotroipa. The role of botulinum toxin A in acute-onset esotropia.

American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus

Therefore, the results of our study may have been influenced by endtoropia low administered dose, and higher doses might produce better results 18, However, constant eye crossing at ANY age should be evaluated endotroia by a pediatric ophthalmologist.

En cuatro pacientes la catarata era unilateral y en dos bilateral. Los resultados motores fueron mejores que los sensoriales. In a study by Cronemberger et al. When a statistically-significant difference was found, the Wilcoxon signed-rank test was used to identify which time points differed among themselves.

BTA is also used to treat spasms of facial muscles, entropion, corneal ulceration, and exposure keratitis 3,4, Services on Demand Journal.