Responsible Organisation, ENDA Maghreb (Moroccan branch of ENDA Third World). ENDA faced a number of constraints: local authorities refused to provide. with the aim of adding value to the work of informal street collectors in the districts of Agdal and Hay Riad. Partner: Enda Maghreb Website: ma. Visit their site: HeadQuarters: Contact Person Dr. Ibrahim Magdi Mailing Addres is , Quartier O.L.M., Rabat-Souissi, .

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Improvement of production methods and quality control with direct health benefits. ENDA faced a number of constraints: We ask for your understanding. Women also started a literacy programme, a community micro-credit programme and a child care centre. We will implemented this functionality within the next few weeks.

People working for SuSanA magbreb can add their own projects through their partner profile page. Use the map or the search tool to access the most relevant information and knowledge products for your region or country.

At the moment, not all functions and hyperlinks are available. Please see here for more explanations. Content – Summary This library entry also contains a second document: After consultation within the community an association end set up – with two of the eleven seats reserved for the women from the project – to deal with the local authorities.

Vocational and social integration of informal waste collectors – drosos(…) Foundation

As a member you can interact with thousands of sanitation enthusiasts on the discussion forum. Click on a working group to the right to find out more about its work or to join it. The SuSanA newsletter is sent out around four times per year.


SuSanA secretariat Views Downloads. Ok I’ve got it. The project database contains nearly sanitation projects of many different organizations dealing with research, implementation, advocacy, capacity development etc.

Vocational and social integration of informal waste collectors

An ENDA field worker organised a meeting with these women to discuss the potential of this work to generate complementary income to pay for other social activities such as literacy, technical training and waste management programmes.

Advanced filtering functions and a global map are also available. Women started collecting – in an organised fashion – the waste products from the local households and factories to produce the carpets, bags and rugs.

dnda The local authority was planning to move the residents to a new site, which meant that residents as well as having to pay for the new site would also lose the money that they invested in the old site.

The savings from the sale of the products helped start a micro-credit programme with a social fund. Write us an e-mail close. Missed important conferences or courses?

Sustainable Development Success

If you tick two options within one filter parameter, then this is treated as an “or” search, meaning either of them could be true. This programme now provides classes in Arabic and French for 61 women and young girls and has a waiting list of 50 due to its success.

Development of a successful business using local knowledge and recycled material. Targeted through the local women, the project improved their position also thanks to their permanent representation in the local association.


The increased saving contributed to the establishment of the micro-credit initiative. Discussion forum Go to discussion forum Share knowledge, exchange experiences, discuss challenges, make announcements, ask questions and more. Working Groups 1 – Capacity development 2 – Market development 3 – Renewable energies and climate change 4 – Sanitation systems and technology options 5 – Food security and productive sanitation systems 6 – Cities 7 – Sustainable WASH in institutions and gender equality 8 – Emergency and reconstruction situations 9 – Public awareness, advocacy and civil society engagement 10 – Operation, maintenance and sustainable services 11 – Groundwater protection 12 – WASH and nutrition 13 – Behaviour change.

A number of research projects were undertaken together with the local population, to tackle the neighbourhood’s solid and liquid waste management problems. If mafhreb is unclear about how the filter and search combinations work, just contact us: Furthermore, it has provided a forum that promoted communication and solidarity at district level, leading to the recognition of the local community by the local authorities.

But if you tick two filters for two different parameters then this is treated as an “and” search, i. This library entry also contains a second document: