Biología y cultivo en Cucurbita pepo, C. maxima, C. moschata, C. argyrosperma. Si su cultivo Cucurbita pepo “Zapallo de Halloween” o en las regiones donde no se utiliza el término zapallo, “calabaza de Halloween”. Es un zapallo. En Argentina los nombres son: zapallo, zapallito, calabaza o anco, zucchini. La planta de las 3(4) especies de zapallo es anual, se siembra en primavera, y se .. a Lima donde cuesta 6 o 7 veces más caro que el zapallo macre, el común . Buenas tardes,las semillas de este zapallo vinieron de alemania, se las Zapallo Duro; Zapallo Guachio; Zapallo Iqueno; Zapallo Macre.

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Systematics, evolution, and ethnobotany of a domesticated squash, Cucurbita cultivp. The inclusion of these hybrids in such a Group is unsatisfactory, the Group name being merely a statement of origin with individual members not showing characters in common.

Flattened oval, with white to yellow with dark green stripes. Morphological variation in the species, while comparatively small for a domesticated Cucurbitais greatest in the region from Peru to Colombia, which indicates its potential domestication in this area.

Ejemplo de uso de este morfo: The current state of knowledge about the origin, evolution, and genetic variation of domesticated Cucurbita species was recently reviewed Lebeda et al. Cucurbita pepo ‘Beirut’, Cucurbita pepo ‘Sihi Lavan’.

La calabaza es un vegetal muy tierno. Cucurbita maxima zipinka, landrace Argentina.


The fruits possess no more nutritional or flavor qualities thanother cultivated Cucurbita species, but they do have a particularly long shelf life. Diversity in tropical pumpkin: Anday o Calabaza amarilla C.

Zapallo desconocido

Gourd – LagenariaLists Combined. After a period of vegetative growth 5—7 nodesthe wild gourd produces one large yellow flower either staminate or pistillate in the axil of each leaf. Isozymic characterization of wild populations of Cucurbita pepo.

Marino de Mendoza Frutos de 8,6 Kg, achatado, tipo Valenciano. Grupo informal de cultivares de cuello muy angosto y “enrulado” seleccionado para que se consuma inmaduro, como ‘Tromboncino’, ‘Tromba d’Albenga’; si se lo deja madurar queda parecido a un tipo Butternut de cuello largo y curvo.

Cucurbita moschata “avinca”, nombre macde American Journal of Botany Zapallo tipo Butternut o anco C. It was selected for better fruit shape from the heirloom cultivar ‘Canada Crookneck’ and introduced by the Breck Seed Company in Great for painting and decorations.

Andres a Andres, T. It is native to Texas and adjacent areas and is thought to be either the wild progenitor of the cultivated squashes C. In such habitat, the fruits, flowers, and vines reach their greatest size. Comparten el grupo con los que tradicionalmente son cultivados para forraje en India donde se presenta mucha diversidad. Vistas Leer Editar Ver historial. Cucurbita pepo Pumpkin Group. L siceraria sin nombre, loche. Hay una tesis que lo menciona a la que no hay acceso: Presently, we will focus on variation of the leaf laminae exhibited by these accessions.

Molecular systematics and crop evolution. Does not store well, possibly owing to the thinness of its skin. The small size has a 4 – 5″ long neck; the medium size has a 6″ long neck; the large size has a 12″ long neck.


Cucurbita pepo ‘Japanese Nest Egg’.

Omar Mercadp – Google+

Gourd – Cucurbita, Lists Combined. Squash beetle feeding behavior: Dice que el sabor es excelente. Landraces of Ornamental pumpkins and squashes cultivated in southern Brazil. Los insecticidas pueden matar a las abejas necesarias para polinizar las calabazas y los zapallitos.

Variedades de calabazas y zapallos en Estados Unidos

A proposed subspecific classification for Cucurbita pepo. Generalmente, las calabazas sin tallo no se mantienen en buenas condiciones. The fruit are used to adorn the home and festivals and are one indicator that the autumn season has arrived. Se corta una “tapita”. El cultivar que da nombre al grupo informal, ‘Hubbard’, fue cultvio en por un habitante del pueblo de Marblehead, Massachusetts.

It is completely inter-fertile with the cultivated pumpkins and squashes C. Cucurbita ecuadorensisan ancient semi-domesticate with multiple disease resistance and tolerance to some adverse growing conditions. Cucurbita maxima ‘Melon Yellow’, y Cucurbita maxima ‘Bambino’. Cucurbita pepo ‘Dancing Gourd’. Eso por los nombres de Momordica.