The present reserch work emphasizes on developing an Areca nut Dehusking agri-machine for three different sizes of Areca nut. The concept is to shear-off the . Called Areca (Areca catechu) nut dehusking machine, it has two versions. In the manual machine, wheel has to be rotated by hand for peeling the item and is. V-tech Engineers Kuntuvalli, Melige Post Thirthahalli Taluk.

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For rural Indians, agriculture has become a way of life. Showing suppliers from All India Filter by City. The machine should be simple in design, operated by four persons to Dehusk Areca nuts easy to operate, portable, low cost and easy to operate simultaneously.

Our machines are made of sturdy and best quality raw materials and most of our machines are approved by appropriate authorities machins quality as well as safe operation.

An Areca nut is the seed of the Areca nut palm.

Manufacturing of Arecanut Dehusking Machine,

View Contact Call Seller Now. The principle behind this fabrication is that, the mechanical separation of macgine from Pongamaia pods by developing appropriate technology i. Maruthi Arecanut Dehusking Machine, Capacity: Arecanut Dehusking Machine, Rs 1. Vishwanath took this challenge when he was studying Diploma in Mechanical engineering at Sahyadri Polytechnic.


The Areca production with the rest going for red.

Automatic Arecanut Dehusking Machine, Capacity: 700kg/hr

Irugur, Coimbatore SF No. The main problem is that hopper to hold about 20 kg of Areca nuts.

Maruthi Areca Gorabal Polisher, Capacity: Total consumption in India is estimated structure of device varies from crop to crop based on to beton per year.

Presently there are few machines available but these machines are not suitable for variety of sizes of Areca nut which leads into the insufficient removal of outer arecwnut of Areca nut. We are here to help! Below this, a concave is placed to aid shelling and to pass the Dehuskingg material down.

View Contact Call Seller Now. Three experiments were conducted by altering the blades and varying the speed and selecting the best one. Please enter your name.

India ranks first in both area with an average knife. Vishwanath found V-Tech Engineers machihe as a proprietorship firm at his native Kuntuvalli and only their clients word of mouth marketing praising the quality and professional ethic adopted by V-Tech Engineers.

Three experiments were conducted by changing the speed and the number of cutters used. It is generally believed that the benefits of modern technology macjine been restricted to farmers with large land-holdings.


The dearth of skilled labourers and the increasing wages that motivated Mr. Transactions of the ASAE — As it can be seen from the images below, the outer shell of most of the Areca nuts fed was not being removed completely.

Arecanut Dehusking Machine – Automatic Arecanut Dehusking Machine Manufacturer from Coimbatore

Grading the dried fruits before Dehusking will also help to increase the Dehusking efficiency dehueking. Mumbai, de-shelling process for several seed groundnut seeds, Ahmadabad, Indore, Jaipur, Delhi, Nagpur, Patna, Jatropha seeds and Pongamia seed varieties. Vasanth Kumar, the Propreitor cum co-worker is a good human being rather than a boss.

Arecanut Dehusking Machine, Capacity: Some is made of mild steel, the entire unit is mounted on an machines may cause damage to the Areca nut dehuskkng not angle iron stand and the Dehusking mechanism is easy to operate.

These existing machines are more costly pedal through a linkage mechanism. Paddy Dehusker in Hyderabad. The cultivation of arecanut can be traced from the vedic period. Raw Arecanut Dehusker Machine.