Marina, published in , is a 2,line poem by Andrej Sladkovic. He loved Maria Pischlova, but her parents made her marry a gingerbread. Marina [Andrej Sladkovic] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. : List of andrej sladkovic marina pdf book. Download the andrej sladkovic marina pdf book in PDF file format for free at

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How sublime it is, calling beauty your mothervirtue, truth your sweet sister and calling the peace your brother! And in these worlds, my soulthose are big who are small hereeternal peace without unrestsweetness that is not poisoned by sorrow ; there, gold does not outweigh beauty, there, weakness does not startle the heartthe venoms of envy die there ; in those worlds, with warm-hearted passionsworn in by eternal faithfulnessthe lovers cuddle to their beloved ones.


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Rip my image out of memorykill every motion of loveTear apart the flowers of my emotionscast them into the deepest forgettingyou may even cancel the pale shades of these hymns, dear! Longest playable stringed musical instrument: Unshade my world, my bright world puts the clouds to shame! And the heart goes again: Don’t you sleep with your eyes closed in the dark?

And the right hand speaks swiftly: The eye is flooded with tears, because here, love serves the time; The reason why I cry is that this land, it’s only longing — longing and — longing! To warn agains a fierce fire? So goes the flattererthough in his soul just the forsaken emptiness echoesand the blood of such a low rascal is poisoned with raw materiality: But such is the fate of human souls.

Love is an idol gladly worshipped by the one creating wonders Also a slave on the wild banks of Ganges Is watching it, his beard hanging down: Can the beauty of a star be begged by a weak murmur of earthly voice on the desert of the world?

Red leg pets the other in the pairandtej sweetens another mouththe snowy wings are joking: But thens she shouts for her hopesladiovic on her lips, the safe dawn of peace is smiling: I shall tear open the heavy buckles of goldand a bunch of nice Raphaelian paintings is revealed in front of my eyes! She is sitting there, nibbing on strawberriestying the flowers of freedom into garlandson her lips, innocent stills: I reveal the first one.


I gave no credit to my very eyesis it delusion, or euphemisms is somebody putting glasses on my nose? A delusional flash, an unfaithful son of unhappy daysmerciful sladkogic of the poora distant shade of happy hours: So stand, you bearers of the bones! We cannot help but sing!

And when wild fate roars above her, with no remorse for the angelfear embraces her, unjustshe would instantly pass out in his very arms: But my whole world can be torn down by terrible shots of a single wordcoming out of your mouth: Her cheeks burning in angersladkoic, heavily is she loading her crossbowher eyes are killing dreadfully!

Never heard of a lovely deer in the sharp claws of sladkovc eagleas it is dying in silent pleas? Goddess of faithfulness, you are! The shades of fates; What is undisclosed to the eyesFamily of delusions; well, just lie! The sight, on its way down to the floorfalls upon the precious ring of faithfulness and the shyness turns into anger ; and the guardian angel that she is becominganytime she casts her sight upon the ringrewards her words in such a way: Also a slave on the wild banks of Ganges.

I shall stay here behind the mountainswhere Hron is turning, and enjoying the skies with stars, the sisters of your eyes ; when one of them, the one shining in the morningsends greetings to the dawn on your faceremember the power of love: I unveil second one.

Andrej Sladkovic Marina Pdf Stáhnout PDF – Free E-Book Download

From the tower tolls the bell: She looked and lookedreturned her eyes to the rocksand suddenly, she saw an immortal spirit — miracle! These games, these flowers were setyet wrapped up in a more compact picture, into the cheeks of my beloved by the mother Glory.

Then she leans her lovely limbs to the seatand the lovely string rings clearlyher voice moves among the tones: There it is created by Canova’s chisel.


Satan is such an unhappy government, that lies to itself and steals from itselfin the rotten mind, outcast from heaven: Laid down the book, then stopped at meshe was not going to talk words: Suddenly, the spirit of hope emerges in the angelic light of your body — and the beasts stopped threatening.

On his lips, sacred vowsIn his heart, deadly bulletsdirty flame in his very eyesbeauty on the surface, rotten insidetreachery in his chest ,but his face is kind, emotion is different from his voice. Forgive, my dear, when sad voices are sighed to you by a faithful friend: Terrible windstorms are flying above the youthful skies of mine ; My eyes have met the dreamhave blown out the lights at their gates ; and in front of the eyes of non-sleeping emotionswith a terrible, uncovered appearance wild images have defiled: Do not sing about praising the beauty.

There she appears in the eyes of Madonna. How sweet it is for me to feel your embrace. Like orphans would lament in their sorrows crying tears on their father’s grave: But the inevitable law has chained him up to the dark and sad jail of fates with a mighty chain.

Andrej Sladkovic Marina Stáhnout PDF

How could a beautiful sight not be enchanted by the row of ivory bones underneath the lip? She, when the fate whips her strictlyshe will lean on me with her tiny heartsilently wiping off her tears. Nonetheless, to the land of delusional dreams he strayedpoor man, not knowing the way to paradisethis sneer has found its way. Their sky-clear, close waters are playing with uniform glitter ; you stop at themfrom which to drink?

You hear a nightingale sighing the very sorrows of his tones: That our voice is week, we do admitbut poor us, what shall we do?