Ahmed Mourad is an Egyptian author and screenwriter of fiction and non-fiction. Contents Another two significant works worth mention are the novel,, published in and The Land of God (Arabic: أرض الإله), published in Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. , Ahmed Mourad Source: Goodreads. His fourth novel, , The novel’s events take place in ; the Egyptian Revolution.

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Ahmed Mourad’s Latest Egyptian Saga

Iraqi Author Ahmad Saadawi: I did not write Vertigo. My greatest challenge was to write, anything else I consider to be exciting. Nervousness to me has become a friend. The Blue Elephant had a different challenge, that of being held accountable to my readers as I write more in the trend of thrillers. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Some have said that your novels signal a change in the path of the Arabic novel.

Centralia Tragedy of In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Were there particular books that inspired you? Kira was buried in the Armenian cemetery that later became Taksim Square. The primary objective of the Islamic-American Zakat Foundation is to serve poor and needy, orphans, wayfarers and others in the United States deserving of charity under Islamic law with financial assistance for food, shelter, clothing, medicine, and transportation and other needs by assessing, collecting, and distributing obligatory and voluntary charity called zakat and sadaqa.

Then the mourac was made into a TV show during the month of Ramadan of titled: Do you see this? Where were the jewels hidden? Land of God Source: It is very difficult moufad me to judge my own works, but what makes me happy is that a lot of people who did not previously read started to read because they found in my novels something that touches them some way or another.


Ahmed Mourad: ‘I Am a Tough Reader’

Naguib Mahfouz is possibly the most influential author in my life. Some aid is sent abroad in times of disaster and crisis. In your latest novel, The Blue Elephantyou addressed a psychological disorder. How you will be affected by the new cybercrime law: I love history books.

I enjoy reading in general and I have been reading from a very early age, but I particularly enjoy books written by the older generation.

The first level is that of the general reader, aahmed reader who likes to read for pleasure. Add a map to your own listings. The challenge of writing a historical novel with was a totally new level of difficulty. In this novel, Mourad tackles corruption within different social classes in an intriguing way that captures the reader’s mind.

Ahmed Mourad – Wikipedia

Initially, the cover image of a sad woman in her 20s with runny mascara staring diabolically into her own reflection seems to signal an engaging thriller, in which the numbers turn out to be a secret code to unravel a mystery or solve a crime.

Dawlat, meanwhile, falls dangerously in love with Gen, while her brother Yassin is forcefully dragged from his village to build the Suez Canal and kill Turks in favor of the British. This was decided upon from the very amhed. What novels do you particularly enjoy? Estimated on or before Thu. What do you think about the English and Italian translations of your books?

I believe that the social burden that develops within the novel is much more important than the crime itself; the crime is more of a trigger for the novel. Making Borders in Modern Moudad Asia: Syrian Novelist Khaled Khalifa: So each reader provides me with some sort of feedback which I am very grateful for. Ideas that were worth writing about were starting to connect and needed to come out to the world. It was a challenge of maintaining that success or failing completely.


Haqqi, the last person to have seen him before his death, wrote that in a meeting in Istanbul he once offered to buy Kira a new pair of shoes, but the offer was turned down. I try as much as possible not to lose the rhythm. We all get nervous, but the thing is if I let it get to me then I would never write.

5 books by this Egyptian author as ranked on Goodreads

Amira Abd El Khalek: It took a lot of research from me until I was able to fully grasp the situation I wanted to portray. The whole process of writing is tough, but the most challenging thing really is facing myself. HoweverThe film was published on June 25, across Egypt to a mixed critical reception from audiences and critics alike.

Trying to help him, Yehia unravels mysteries he never thought existed in this world. I believe it is unfair to compare a novel to a film because each genre has its own tools. Wikiquote has quotations ,ourad to: Why do you think audiences connect with your books so viscerally?