49 CFR PARTS 100-185 PDF

For more specific requirements, carriers and shippers should consult the most current edition of 49 CFR Parts Motor carriers should. This course is based on the materials provided, which include the annual Government Printing Office edition of 49CFR (Parts ), and the three books. Two editions published each year keeps your regulations current and up to date. Waiting a year or more to update Federal or DOT regulations increases the risk.

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How to Comply with Federal Hazardous Materials Regulations

This requirement does not apply if the identification number for each hazardous materials cfrr therein is marked on the outside of the vehicle on an orange 100-15 or white square on point placard.

General placarding requirements are contained in Package manufacturers must provide written notification to customers of any specification shortfalls or steps to be taken to conform with applicable specification. Identification Numbers must be on each side and each end for packages L 1, gals or more and for cylinders permanently mounted on tube trailer motor vehicles.

The term “Hazardous Materials” includes all of the following: It is important to remember that except for materials in the U. The class names, IMO class and division numbers, or subsidiary hazard classes may be entered in parentheses. Each hazmat employee must receive security awareness training.

The name and address or symbol of the person applying the marks. Each bulk packaging, freight container, unit load device, transport vehicle, or rail car containing any quantity of hazardous materials must be placarded on each side and each end with the placards specified in Tables 1 and 2.

Tare weight preceded by “TW” for packaging 100-158 for nitric acid.

The basic marking requirement consists of the proper shipping name and identification number of the hazardous materials contained in the package.

A person who uses one or more of its employees in connection with: Recommendations, the ICAO Technical Instructions, or the IMDG Code, a material that is not a hazardous material according to this sub-chapter may not be offered for transportation or transported when its description on a shipping paper includes a hazard class or an identification number specified in 49 CFR For non-bulk packaging, technical names must be marked in parenthesis in association with the proper shipping name if required by General shipper responsibilities are contained in 49 CFR Part This term includes an owner-operator of a motor vehicle which transports hazardous materials in commerce.


This term includes an individual, including a self-employed individual, employed by a hazmat employer who, in the course of employment: The following is a list of additional requirements:. When a package is required to be marked with a UN standard or DOT specification, the package must meet all the requirements of the regulation, including testing. The UN standards have general requirements for materials, construction and a maximum capacity. INCIDENT REPORTING Immediate notification of a hazardous materials incident by a carrier is required at the earliest practical moment for incidents that occur during the course of transportation including loading, unloading, and temporary storage in which as a direct result of the hazardous materials any one or more of the following occurs: The carrier must check to insure that the material offered by the shipper is properly described and packaged.

It is the hazmat employer’s responsibility to determine the adequacy of the training being presented.

Additional labeling Label Specifications Class 7 radioactive material There is a separate section for each of the authorized labels that gives an example of the label and describes 499 label. Contractors are fully subject to the requirements of the Federal hazardous materials transportation law. Entries are required for number and type packaging and weight net or gross.

The current 49 CFR is consistent with the international requirements. However, when 1, kg 2, lbs. Consequently, responsibilities generally are placed on “offerors” for performance of the functions associated with “offering” hazardous materials for transportation e.

49CFR (Parts ) Hazardous Materials Transportation – Correspondence Course

This document provides only a general overview of the 1000-185 for transporting hazardous materials by highway. The hazardous materials regulations have changed significantly over the last several years. Transportation on across or along roads outside of Government properties generally is transportation in commerce. Written emergency response information must be appropriate for the hazardous material being transported. Packing Groups The packing group designated in the Recent changes include entries for: Although the Federal Government is exempt from the penalty provisions, See definition of “person” on page 26 of this H.


Interstate, intrastate, and foreign carriers by rail car, aircraft, motor vehicle and vessel. Performance tests for UN packaging, including design qualification tests and periodic retests, are included in Part The letter “L” for packaging passing a leakproofness test.

No carrier may transport a hazardous material unless it is accompanied by a shipping paper that is prepared in accordance with the HMR. Bulk packaging requirements are in section Identification Numbers on two opposing sides for packages less than L 1, gals. As used in this section, “large bulk cff refers to a quantity greater than 3, kg 6, pounds for solids or 3, liters gallons for liquids and gases in a single packaging such as a cargo tank motor vehicle, portable tank, tank car, or other bulk container.

For transportation by highway, if a transport vehicle contains hazardous materials for which a shipping paper is required and the transport vehicle is separated from its motive power and parked at a location other than a facility operated by the consignee, consignor, or carrier, the carrier shall 1 Mark the transport vehicle with the telephone number of the motor carrier on the front exterior near the brake hose or electrical connection; or 2 have the shipping paper and emergency parta information readily available on the transport vehicle.

For content of report and additional information, please see The following is a list of additional requirements: For more information or to ask questions related to the hazardous materials regulations call or contact PHMSA at:.

The record shall include: